Wolfe Heights Olive Oil Company

Wolfe Heights award-winning olives are grown on a small family grove in Sacramento, California.

Wolfe Heights extra virgin cold pressed olive oil produces a peppery and deeply herbaceous flavor with a delicate buttery finish.

Manzanillo – Mission Blend 

(40% / 40%)

The Manzanillo Olive Tree: This varietal hails from Spain and is popularly planted worldwide. A dominant table olive in California, it makes olive oil in styles ranging from very green to very ripe.

The Mission Olive Tree: California’s “native” olive, the mission varietal can produce an early or late harvest style oil, or somewhere in between. Our ripe style mission olives tend to be round and buttery, where our greener olives tend to have a piney, herbaceous notes with the distinctness of flavor that adds our award-winning robustness.

Located in rural southeast Sacramento, the Mission and Manzanillo Olives that are grown on the Wolfe Heights’ small family grove yield a moderately robust flavor that won a Gold (Best of Show) and a Silver (Best of Class) Award at the 2018 Napa Valley Olive Oil Competition. The orchard, which was certified organic to the USDA by the California Certified Organic Farmers, is nurtured, sustained, pruned, and cared for by hand. The fruit is delicately handpicked and pressed within hours of harvest, producing a high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Wolfe Heights’ owner, Felipe Martin loves how his olives produce a rich peppery and deeply herbaceous flavor, followed by its soft buttery finish. “It’s the only oil that my family uses in our kitchen,” Felipe Martin explains, “so we’re happy to share our award-winning extra-virgin flavor with other kitchens throughout the greater capital region of California.”

Our CALIFORNIA EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL also consists of Spanish, Italian, French, and Greek olives that create a unique blend of old world flavors.

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