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Savor the excellence of our award-winning extra virgin olive oil at Wolfe Heights! Harvested with care from our 12-acre orchard, primarily featuring Mission and Manzanillo olives, our olive oil blends seven varietals to create a symphony of acclaimed flavors. Cold-pressed and available in three sizes, including the perfect 100ML party favor, our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil boasts a moderately robust profile with a peppery, herbaceous taste and a delicate buttery finish. Visit our orchard at the Estate and treat your palate to the must-try goodness!

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Crafting our award-winning organic olive oil at Wolfe Heights is an art. Precisely picked from late October to mid-November, our olives undergo delicate handpicking and prompt cold pressing, resulting in top-tier Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The photo on the left reveals the secret to our success—the multiple color variations in olives. The purple ones impart a buttery flavor, while the green ones bring the peppery polyphenol sensation.

Wolfe Heights’ owner, Felipe Martin, a UC Davis Master Miller Certificate graduate, cherishes the rich, peppery, and deeply herbaceous taste with a soft buttery finish. Join us in savoring this exceptional flavor, straight from our kitchen to your table!

It’s the only oil that my family uses in our kitchen…so we’re excited to share our award-winning extra-virgin flavor from our kitchen to your table

Felipe Martin


Immerse yourself in the symphony of flavors within our Wolfe Heights Extra Virgin Olive Oil, expertly crafted from a blend of Mission, Manzanillo, Gaeta, Pendolino, Barnea, Greek Green, and Nicoise olives. Our orchard, proudly certified organic by the California Certified Organic Farmers and USDA, is meticulously nurtured, sustained, pruned, and tended by hand.

Harvesting commences in late October, concluding in mid-November, ensuring the optimal development of flavor. Nestled in the heart of our estate, situated in the Sacramento Valley, our olive trees thrive in the ideal conditions of hot, dry summers and cool winters, with temperatures above 25 degrees. This meticulous care and perfect climate contribute to the exceptional quality you taste in every drop.

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Embark on a culinary adventure with our premium olive oil by exploring exciting recipes on our blog! Discover favorites such as our owner’s homemade focaccia and pizza dough for a delightful culinary experience at home. Do you have a stellar recipe featuring our olive oil? Share it with us for a chance to win a fantastic prize! Let’s come together to create delicious memories.

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