Nothing says entertaining friends, or “wine night at home” like a great charcuterie board! Here are the things we feel make one that is sure to impress!



  • A great cheese board! 
    • Depending on whether you are creating a charcuterie board for 2, or hosting a larger group of friends, you probably want to have a few boards (in different sizes) on-hand. We sell some great options! View them here.
  • Cheese Knives! 
    • This is a must in our opinion! While you absolutely can use regular dinner knives to slice your cheeses, they take up more space on the board. We sell some great cheese knife sets! View them here.
  • Small bowl(s) for stems/pits
    • This is something that is usually an oversight when making the list of things for a board. If you are serving things with stems or pits that need to be discarded, it’s nice to have some sort of bowl so they are not placed back onto the board with the rest of the food.
  • A couple types of cheeses 
    • Not everyone likes the same type of cheeses. If you are entertaining guests, a good rule of thumb would be to grab at least one mild cheese (our usual go-to’s are: gouda, brie, goat cheese, and Toscano)
  • Crackers
    • This is totally up to you! No right or wrong type of cracker. However, we love ones with a little flavor (ie. rosemary raisin; fig + olive; etc.)
  • Fresh fruit
    • Strawberries, grapes, apples, and blueberries are usually a safe bet
  • Dried fruit
    • Dried apricots and dates are classic and delicious options! Dried mango or cranberries could also be fun additions.
  • Veggies + Hummus
    • We love carrots and hummus! They’re easy and generally most people will like them. The hummus is also great for the crackers!
  • Nuts
    • Seasoned Marcona almonds, walnuts, and regular almonds are always great options. 
  • Some type of meat 
    • We love prosciutto,  jamón serrano, and  jamón ibérico! (Lots of stores sell a variety pack, which is also a great option!)
  • Honey

Not essential, but honey is a fun addition to certain cheeses and crackers. Check out our honey here.